Why we decided to quit our jobs, pack up our lives and venture to the other side of the world

I travel because I’d rather look back at my life saying, ‘I can’t believe I did that’ instead of ‘if only I had…’ – Florine Bos

For us it has never been a question of should we go, but rather, when is the right time to go.

2013 was going to be our year…we would both be finished with studying and what better way to get our first ‘real’ jobs than on the other side of the world?  BUT, then there were graduate position offers and advice to consolidate our skills before venturing off into the big wide world, so we took the advice.  We were both offered good grad positions so we stayed, but promised ourselves it would only be for a year…

2014 came around and we fell into a housesitting job that was only going to be for six months.   We told ourselves it would be the perfect opportunity to save some money for our trip, and don’t get us wrong, it was, in fact it enabled us to really set ourselves up for the adventure that we are finally on today.  However, the six-month housesitting job turned into a two-year job and before we knew it, it was 2016 and we were getting married in January.  Better job opportunities came around and of course we took them and one day in late 2016 we found ourselves walking through an open home and seriously considering making an offer.   That, for us was our light bulb moment. We realised that if we didn’t make the daunting decision to JUST GO, we were never going to do it.  We would wake up one day 30 years down the track and wonder when we lost sight of our dream.

We went home that night, took a big breath and booked one way tickets to Europe.   From that moment it was pure excitement for us. We quit our jobs, sold our cars, packed up our house and then packed our bags.

I don’t think there is ever that perfect time to make a life-changing decision.  If we had continued to wait for it, we would still be at home.  It’s a scary and daunting process, but it’s exciting and empowering as well.  After all, does anything great happen when you’re in your comfort zone?



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